Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Organized 

A great way to help your children feel like their lives are orderly and well-balanced is to establish a routine in your home. If you and your children agree on their schedule for the day, you will not need to re-negotiate or have conflict about these decisions. Children thrive in an environment where they understand what is expected of them and when they are praised for succeeding.

  • Have a consistent routine every day.
  • Make a schedule and follow it.
  • Designate specific time for homework, outdoor playtime, and indoor time to relax, play music and games.
  • Limit TV, computer, and phone use.
  • Keep everyday items organized at all times.
  • Create places where school materials are to be kept.
  • Keep track of homework assignments and textbooks.
  • Regularly update a calendar of school deadlines and events.
  • Stay clear and consistent.
  • Give praise and rewards when child follows the rules and accomplishes goals.


Parenting is the raising of a child, a process from infancy to adulthood that shapes the emotional, physical, and intellectual health of a child. It is a lifelong role. As a parent, you must decide if you will raise your children by the same methods that you yourself were raised or if you will define your role as a parent in your own way.

Styles of parenting can vary widely, but there is agreement among psychologists about the success rates of some styles as compared with others.

Smart parenting is raising your child with love, care and guidance to be a happy and healthy individual. Parents have the opportunity to teach children how to be successful in many ways.

Being a positive parent means creating a family environment that supports clear communication, clear expectations and good relationships with your children.

Parenting requires a healthy parent. When a parent takes care of their own health, they become a healthy role model for their children. Often a child will imitate what a parent does, so it is important for parents to eat well, exercise regularly, get regular medical and dental care, drive safely and get enough sleep.